Laughter is contagious

Happiness, Despair, Excitement, Hope: If you can feel it, they can bottle it.

Phi is a purveyor of bottled emotions.

When the factory providing the world’s emotions is sabotaged, Phi’s own world goes up in smoke. He’s one of the few people left who can feel anything at all, and the relentless, Hate-fuelled Gaspers are closing in.

Phi embarks on a quest to restart the factory. It’s his only chance for the girl he loves to love again. The journey will take him deep into the heart of the Sadlands, where the very act of breathing can paralyse you with your own Fear.

In a place where beasts can use your own Courage to lure you into deadly traps, you can’t even trust your own feelings. Yet, Phi must place his trust in three unlikely companions: a valiant orphan who throws herself headfirst into danger; a rival who Phi has never seen eye-to-eye with; and a mysterious traveller struggling to keep a secret…

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Sadlands is a unique idea, with intriguing characters and clever creatures
Good characters, a believable villain and a gripping roll through all of your emotions

About the author

When he’s not describing himself in third person, Alec enjoys describing imaginary people in third person instead. He loves dreaming up unique worlds, chatty characters, and has a soft spot for a good play on words (and occasionally flicking through the Arts & Entertainment section for some good words on plays).

By day, Alec is a software developer (giving him an unusual penchant for parentheses), by night he sleeps, and by Jove is he excited to start work on the next book!